2-3yrs Hockey Pockey Song
1-2yrs One-None Game
2-3yrs Follow the Order Game
1-2yrs Colours Rain Game
2-3yrs Brown Bear Storytelling
1-2yrs Wind Your Bobbin Up Song
Globotà 2015
Summer School Water Party 2015
2-3yrs The Weather
Water Party 2014
2013-14 Festival Fin de Curso
2-3yrs Make a Circle Song
1-2yrs Open Shut Them Song
2-3yrs Sussy Circle Rhyme
1-2yrs Autumn Story
2-3yrs One Little Finger Song
1-2yrs The ants go marching rhyme
2-3yrs Body Parts Storytelling
2-3yrs Body Parts Poster
1-2yrs Look at… game
2014 Christmas Party
1-2yrs Happy Song
1-2yrs Happy Song
2-3yrs Yoga Relajación
2-3yrs Yoga Song
1-2yrs Rainbow Song
2-3yrs Ellie Story
2-3yrs Animals Song
1-2yrs Ring a Ring of Roses
2-3yrs Fiesta del Agua Curso 2014/2015
Festival fin de Curso 2014/15
Halloween Party
2-3yrs Family Finger Song
1-2yrs Five Little Bells Rhyme
2-3yrs The Family Finger Song
2-3yrs Christmas Party
1-2yrs Physical Response